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Unveiling Our Dev Team: Stories, Strategies and Inspirations

In this Q&A session, we’ll dive into some exciting conversations with our talented dev team. Andrew Oppon and Anton Trofimenko have been part of our DQPro team for the past three months, bringing their unique perspectives and talents to the table. Discover what aspects of DQPro caught their attention during the hiring process, what fuels their inspiration and the strategies they employ to overcome challenges when building SaaS product. 

During the hiring process, what aspects of DQPro caught your attention and made it an appealing opportunity for you?  

Andrew: The opportunity to build a platform that makes a difference in the marketplace with an organisation that’s passionate about what they are doing, believing in team engagement and supporting each other.  

Anton: The welcoming nature and genuine openness of every team member I interacted with, coupled with the innovative spirit, collaborative team culture and clear growth vision, all pointed to DQPro being an exceptional, positive and enjoyable workplace.   

How would you explain your role at DQPro to someone who is not familiar with technical terms or concepts?  

Andrew: As a DevOps practitioner, I bridge the gap between the dev and ops teams, I encourage faster, better application development and quicker release of revised software features or products to our customers. The practice of the DevOps methodology is what provides better, more secure delivery of business value to our organisation’s end users. 

Anton: As a technical architect, I keep an eye on the actual usability and functionality of the DQPro application and ensure that all the different pieces of the software fit together seamlessly and meet the needs of our customers and the business.  

Can you share any challenges or hurdles you’ve encountered in previous jobs when building a SaaS product/ working with SaaS technologies? 

Andrew: Building a SaaS product that caters to the needs of the marketplace can have it challenges, from scaling to meet demand, implementing security best practices to enforcing a fully automated SSDL. 

Anton: Building SaaS products has undoubtedly presented some exciting challenges: scaling to accommodate growing user bases and increasing load, integrating with diverse systems including legacy products, and prioritising security to name a few. One of the biggest hurdles though was changing the mindset from developing traditional software applications to building SaaS products. 

What strategies or approaches have you found effective in overcoming those challenges?   

Andrew: I have found that enforcing strict access control and permissions management, adopting the cloud to meet demand, implementing a fully automated continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline have proven to be effective in tackling these challenges.   

Anton: Overwhelming amounts of testing (penetration and performance testing included), leveraging cloud infrastructure for scalability, designing robust APIs, conducting regular security audits certainly helped to deliver high-performing, secure, and seamless software experiences.  

Who or what inspired you to pursue the career you have today?  

Andrew: My father instilled in me technical curiosity. From the day he brought home a desktop computer with Windows 95 operating system, he pushed me to learn everything about computers, from hardware components to software. This knowledge propelled me to become the school computer champion and eventually pursue a career in technology. 

Anton: The technology in general has always fascinated me, from taking apart toys to tinkering with computer hardware and electronics, and finally, designing software products. It’s very rewarding – being able to contribute to creating innovative solutions and seeing them being used and making an impact. 

Do you have a desk mascot? or What’s something you couldn’t live without?  

Andrew: No desk mascot for me at the moment, but I’ve been eyeing a cheeky Wilson volleyball or a loyal stormtrooper figurine to bring some fun vibes to my workspace. Can’t live without hand cream and headphones—they’re my must-haves for a productive day! 

Anton: While I don’t have a desk mascot, something I really feel is essential in my home office setup is a trusty pair of noise-cancelling headphones that take me to a world of focus and productivity.  

If you could learn any language from another country which would you choose?  

Andrew: Picture this: speaking with flair and charm in the sun-drenched streets of Barcelona or ordering mouthwatering Brazilian cuisine in fluent Portuguese. That’s why I’ve set my sights on mastering either Spanish or Portuguese.  

Anton: My native languages are Russian and Latvian. I would love to learn Spanish. Mastering Spanish would open doors to deeper connections and enriching experiences across diverse cultures. Getting beyond being able to say hello and read some items on the menu would be a great start though!  

What’s one activity that grants you pure escapism?  

Andrew: When I’m looking to escape the daily grind and recharge my batteries, there are two activities that work like magic for me. First one is lacing up my running shoes and hitting the pavement. It’s pure bliss and an excellent way to clear my mind. And when I’m not running, you’ll find me in the gym, chasing those gains and pushing myself to new limits.  

Anton: If I had to name one, it would certainly be scuba diving. Exploring the captivating underwater world in complete weightlessness, surrounded by vibrant marine life, allows me to disconnect from the day-to-day and experience a truly tranquil environment.   

What’s the best place you ever visited?  

Andrew: Las Vegas! From world-renowned restaurants and hotels, the nearby natural wonders, amazing museums to endless entertainment options, Vegas has it all.  

Anton: Iceland is definitely worth a trip. Exploring its beauty with black sand beaches, waterfalls and geothermal lakes was a truly unforgettable experience that I would love to relive again and again.