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DQPro Market Standard

A Market Aligned Solution

The DQPro Market Standard is a combination of business monitoring, workflow, essential market rules and analytics designed to deliver the critical assurance London Market insurers require across their underwriting data, market processes and in message verification.

Whether it’s monitoring underwriting limits, understanding EPI variance or issues with your closed claims, the DQPro Market Standard provides timely, essential information to improve operational resilience and drive better data for all.

Our Market Standard evolves and strengthens over time with continuous input from our growing network of customers whilst aligning with the rapidly changing market landscape.

Get the Standard RULES

Our latest release features contributions from 50% of the top London Market carriers (Lloyd’s and non-Lloyd’s) and comprises over 150 of the most essential market rules checks for Operations, Underwriting Governance, Compliance and Regulatory teams to deliver:

A Market Aligned Solution

A complete, out-of-the box approach that engages your business users with smart workflow, SLAs and key escalations that matter.

Standard Rules

A unique core set of essential and evolving Market rules produced with input from 50% of the top Lloyd’s insurers and based on our 10+ years experience.


Immediately improve upon your manual, ad-hoc sampling approach with an essential set of automated checks running across 100% of your polices, claims and bordereaux.


In an increasingly regulated market, reduce your audit anxiety and time to prepare with a simple, clear and complete audit trail for each issue.

Continuous Improvement

Discover where issues lie in your process early by broker, class of business or branch with our market aligned analytics – then address and fix them for good.

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