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#DataConfidence in 2021: start as you mean to go on…

Nick Mair, Co-Founder of DQPro, discusses how 2021 presents not only a time to reflect, plan, renew and expand, but also a time to deliver.

Despite the challenges that 2020 sprang on us, DQPro delivered in maintaining and continuously improving the benchmark for data assurance in the global specialty insurance market. 

With strong growth in 2020 we now count almost 50% of the leading specialty carriers as customers across their global enterprises, and as we sharpen our focus for 2021 we do so with a bold new look that aligns with our fresh approach and innovative values.  

This year it’s all about confidence – confidence in who we are, our services, and our ability to deliver our own benchmark in data assurance.

This year looks set to be a turning point when it comes to both instigating data standards and data quality – and the timing couldn’t be better. In the UK, InsurTech focus has been moving sharply from B2C to the wholesale market where Lloyd’s is finally getting its teeth sunk into transforming the London market into a truly digital marketplace. 

The next steps to revolutionising Lloyd’s into a digital gateway – one that is built on industry-wide standards, with data that is accurate, complete and of quality – is laid out in the ambitious Blueprint Two; a 104-page sequel to Blueprint One, where data is mentioned an eye-watering 535 times. 

Of course, carving out this new path will take time, but it will be worth it; not only for helping us attract new talent to the industry, but in helping us retain and renew skills in emerging areas of expertise, such as digital design and engineering. 

As with all industries, to survive is to evolve, and now more than ever, it is vital that the insurance industry transforms its data thinking to fit to this new digital era. 

It is time to deliver. So why not contact our talented team to find out more about how we are leading in helping our industry get the data confidence and assurance needed to grow and evolve in a digital world.