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Oxbow Bitesized Updates on DQPro

We were really proud to see DQPro featured on the latest Oxbow Partners Bitesize
Insurtech Bulletin giving an update on our progress.

Oxbow shone a spotlight on our growth and stability as a self-funded, independent platform,

“DQPro does not face looming exit horizons that could lead to unsustainable growth or client
acquisition strategies. This is an ideal way to penetrate a market where many ‘unglamorous’
tech challenges are still unsolved.”

The Oxbow team also gave insight into what makes DQPro a trusted platform in the market,
taking the view that:

“DQPro’s business-user focused UX and notifications features could be
a key differentiator. We have seen many Insurtechs that struggle to clearly elucidate their
value beyond the obvious time-saving benefits. This is because the real costs of the
problems they solve are often hidden from business users – even if they are occasionally
painfully clear to tech users.”

DQPro is currently used by customers in 12 countries who perform more than 300,000
checks in total per month! We are looking to continue expanding DQPro’s presence outside
of Lloyd’s, where we have a 35% share of the market, and into Europe and the US. We are
also building out specific functionality for reinsurers and MGAs.

Read the full article here.