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DQPro, the critical ‘second pair of eyes’ for Underwriting Operations

THE PROBLEM: Underwriting operations teams provide the essential first line of defence in checking and processing risk data as it enters the organisation. Whether this work is performed by an in-house or outsourced team, the volume and complexity of specialty lines data, lack of data standards and the need for human triage, all result in back office inefficiency and cost caused by poor data and for serious financial, regulatory and compliance issues.

Issues with either downstream data quality or business control breaches are usually the result of:

  • Lack of completeness regarding critical checks at the point of data ingestion
  • A largely human based and error-prone checking process e.g. sampling
  • Inefficient or absent workflow to raise and solve data queries quickly
  • A lack of clear accountability for data issues with a business team or user

With poor controls and visibility, it can be hard to check that all ingested data is complete and correct, creating a barrier to operational efficiency and daily operating risk.

Where DQPro Fits

DQPro helps underwriting operations by providing a comprehensive second pair of eyes on their data upstream, at source, often before downstream systems are affected.  With DQPro, underwriting operations teams are able to quickly find, flag and fix data and business control issues at scale and from one platform across multiple systems and locations.

Using DQPro’s smart workflow and the latest market checks helps ensure completeness, appropriateness, accuracy and authority by:

  • Driving data accountability – DQPro successfully engages non-technical operations teams to ensure that data or control breach issues are identified quickly and early allowing them to be proactively resolved in line with specific SLAs and escalation when required.
  • Removing the gaps in existing data quality checks – a comprehensive, evolving set of checks relevant to your market ensures that fewer issues result downstream, where they can become a compliance issue or create unwanted processing cost.
  • Market aligned analytics –  allow operations leaders to identify trends in the quality of data intake from brokers, coverholders and other partners.
  • Automated auditing – DQPro tracks and records all issues and remedial actions to substantially improve evidencing, compliance and reduced audit preparation time.

Tangible Results:

Round the clock data confidence delivers huge benefit across carrier operations.

For a typical London Market carrier, one DQPro rule typically saves an operations employee an average of 3-5 days per year* providing a demonstrable and quantifiable return on investment.

In addition, improving how data is checked at the point of intake saves carriers significant costs downstream, where multiple teams such as Pricing, Claims, Finance and Actuarial consume data daily. This results in reduced time to source accurate data required, cost and operating risk.